Wi’kipatmu’k Mi’kmawey

Honouring of the Mi’kmaw Way

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Innovations and Legacies

The Mi’kmaq have lived in Mi’kma’ki for thousands of years. The knowledge that grew up over these many generations resulted in a sophisticated relationship with our homeland. The seasons, cycles, animals and plants of Mi’kma’ki are at the core of our culture and language.

Our expertise is based on a worldview of belonging to a place, knowing it, and protecting the way of life within it. Europeans knew little about Mi’kma’ki when they arrived here in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Upon arrival, they saw the uniqueness of Mi’kmaw technology that was essential to living here.

This year we recognize some of these cultural innovations and celebrate legacies that continue to enrich our life today. There are many more to explore!

Gerald Gloade, the artist who created this year’s Mi’kmaq History Month poster, explains that, “Mi’kmaw knowledge grew over many generations resulting in a sophisticated relationship with the homeland – the seasons, cycles, animals and plants of Mi’kma’ki are at the core of our culture and language”.

Gloade captured this essence of Innovations and Legacies through a visual guide illustrating many examples of unique Mi’kmaw technology, providing a lasting contribution to today’s Canadian culture.

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