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World War I Mi’kmaw Veterans

With 2018 being the 100th year anniversary of World War I, it seemed fitting that we honour our Mi’kmaw soldiers or sma’knisk. More than 200 Mi’kmaw from Atlantic Canada enlisted to serve, and at least 89 were from Nova Scotia. Some returned home, others made the ultimate sacrifice for their families and communities.

Coming from isolated communities where Mi’kmaw was the first language, sma’knisk overcame language barriers and cultural differences during their service. Many sma’knisk drew on their hunting skills and wilderness experiences, acting as guides, snipers and scouts. Several Mi’kmaw sma’knisk received high honours for their service. Wela’liek sma’knisk, we honour you.

Research for this poster was compiled by Dr. Donald M. Julien, C.M., ONS, DCL, DHumL. Julien says, “It is an honour to have the research I’ve compiled over years regarding our Mi’kmaw Veterans to be the theme for the 2018 Mi’kmaq History Month poster.” He goes on to explain, “this research has been an extensive and ongoing venture that I am continually learning more about. I encourage anyone to reach out if they have more information.” Julien has noted that if anyone would like to share images (civilian and/or military), or if there are any missed names and/or clarifications, to please contact him at don@cmmns.com.

Artwork for this poster was created by Mi’kmaw artist, Gerald R. Gloade.

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