Wi’kipatmu’k Mi’kmawey

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Reconciliation & Resilience

The past is all around us—in the people we love, the language we speak, the cultures we practice and the places we live. When the past has been difficult, it creates challenges in our lives. Historic experiences such as Centralization and the Indian Residential School changed what Mi’kmaw people knew about our past, how we practiced our culture, the language we speak and the places we have lived.

Reconciliation is a big word that means many things to many people, but for most of us, reconciliation means finding ways of connecting to our past and to expressing who we are. For some people reconciliation is learning how to bead, for others it is speaking everyday in the Mi’kmaw language, and for still others it is recording and sharing the stories of our families. Ceremonies, practices and protocols that were once outlawed are now being shared and embraced. Traditional knowledge is now once again common practice, leading our communities on journeys of healing and reconciliation. Drawing on inspiration from each other, our families, traditional practices, humour and faith, we honour the teachings of our ancestors, passing on their knowledge to future generations.

After centuries of European contact and influence, these journeys of reconciliation grow our resiliency. Together, Mi’kmaw Elders, youth, leaders and educators are working to strengthen our relationships to each other and to our attachments to Mi’kma’ki. In what ways are you connecting with the culture and heritage of your ancestors?

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