page-about-usKulaman apoqnmua’tita msit wenik Nopa Sko’sia kinu’tmasin aqq nenmn  ta’n L’nu’k telo’ltijik aqq wjit aknutmaqnmuew, eltuekip Mi’kmawey Aknutmaqney Mawio’mi ta’n apoqntitaq tel-kina’muemk L’nuey kina’masuti aqq ta’n teliaq koqoey Wikewiku’s.

Ula nasa’timk ewikasik koqoey kisitasik kulaman kisi-se’sa’ten kinua’taqn aqq kina’matnewey L’nuey aknutmaqn aqq ta’n telo’ltimk aqq api’s wjit Ankukamkewey Na’kwek aqq Mi’kmawey Aknutmaqn L’nuk ta’n teli-pkijiaq Wikewiku’s.

Ajipjutmek ewe’wmnew aqq se’sa’tunew ekinua’taqn wjit L’nuey aknutmaqn aqq ta’n telo’ltimk aqq ajipjululek tkweywinen wi’kipatmek L’nuey.

In an effort to assist all Nova Scotians in increasing their knowledge and awareness of Mi’kmaw culture, history and heritage, a Mi’kmaq History Month Committee was established to promote and encourage educational and cultural activities during the month of October.

The Mi’kmaq History Month Committee, lead in the interim by the The Confederacy of Mainland Mi’kmaq, draws on the expertise of representatives from the Mi’kmaq Grand Council, Nova Scotia Mi’kmaw communities and organizations, as well as the Federal and Provincial governments.

This website has been developed in order to share information and increase awareness of the Mi’kmaw culture, history and heritage, in particular, Treaty Day and Mi’kmaq History Month.

We welcome you to share and promote the information on our culture, history and heritage and encourage you to join us in the celebrations.

The Creation of Mi’kmaq History Month

In 1993, Premier John Savage and Mi’kmaw Grand Chief Ben Sylliboy declared October as the official month to recognize and celebrate Mi’kmaw culture and heritage. Mi’kmaq History Month is celebrating its 20-year anniversary in 2013 and we invite everyone to join us in the celebration of our culture and heritage.

Each October, community activities, events, sharing and showcasing the Mi’kmaw history takes place across Nova Scotia. Everyone is encouraged and welcome to participate in Mi’kmaq History Month events. If your community business, organization or school has a Mi’kmaw related event, story, photo, creation, submission or musical contribution that you would like to share, we would love to hear from you and will add your contribution to our website.

treaty-1752Treaty of 1752

When the English arrived in Mi’kma’ki (the Mi’kmaq homeland that includes present-day Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, central and eastern New Brunswick, the Gaspe Peninsula and Newfoundland) the Mi’kmaq and the Crown signed treaties of peace and friendship so they could live in harmony and peace.

The 1752 Treaty showed the Crown’s intentions to make peace, provide trading posts, and protect the land and way of life for the Mi’kmaw people. The Treaty also designated October 1st as the date on which the Mi’kmaw people would receive gifts from the Crown to “renew their friendship and submissions.”